DIARY 2017

HIV and General Programmes

JUSTRI Skills Exchange Programme

See report at http://justri.org/skills-exchange/

These 5-day exchange visits between UK centres and ones in South East Europe (SEE) and elsewhere, which enable participants to gain skills in HIV and viral hepatitis care, have been extremely successful. In 2016, we wish to organise exchanges for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory staff and psychologists. JUSTRI has a strong UK team from many hospitals that will host and visit the external centres to develop relationships, exchange knowledge & build capacity.



NURSETRI Nurse Education Programme

See report at http://justri.org/nurstri/

Nurses are a vital component of the response to HIV and viral hepatitis. These popular in-country 2-day meetings bring together nurses for a skills building practical course in their own language, to improve their ability to care for patients in their varied settings. ( 3 courses of 40 nurses).


Bucharest nurse training 8/9 November
Sarajevo nurse training 24/25 November


TOOLKIT Trainings

A one-day course to provide skills for UK and JUSTRI network junior doctors in HIV and viral hepatitis to enhance their research capacity, plan protocols, write abstract, learn presentation skills and basic statistics and to link up and develop research proposals.

DATE: Saturday 11th November, London




This free open access library has over 10 000  slide presentations on HIV, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis and nursing in several languages and more than 2000 registered global users. We are the official slide library for EACS and DART. Presentations can be downloaded and used for learning or to teach.


JUSTRI Medical Student Courses (TBC)

Addressing the limited teaching around HIV and sexual medicine within the curricula of UK and foreign medical schools, we conduct one-day teaching modules of didactic lectures and Q&A sessions, to improve knowledge and generate an interest in HIV and associated conditions for medical students, whatever career path they may take.


Coming of Age – A Guide to Ageing well with HIV


To develop a practical clinical passport for Healthcare Professionals and patients to manage ageing

To increase knowledge among patients/HCPs of today’s positive treatment outlook for all aspects of HIV and ageing, including its evolution into a long-term condition. To place cohesion of care at the core of older HIV patients’ services. To enable ageing HIV patients to take greater control of their care. To strengthen the HCP-patient relationship, especially via nurses. To improve ageing HIV patients’ quality of life.

Soon to be translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese & Italian.


Could this be HIV? Reducing Missed Opportunities

Under-testing and missed diagnosis of HIV cause untold problems and is widespread. This concise booklet, poster and online guide with be produced as a visual aide-memoire and directed resource to facilitate earlier diagnosis and testing, initially in English for local translation. We will road-test and distribute it through our JUSTRI network.

To be translated into Serbian, Polish, Albanian, Macedonian, Romanian & Turkish.



HIV for for Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

A persistent problem across the JUSTRI region is the lack of knowledge, stigma, fear and non- engagement of non HIV specialists. We will hold 2 x one day workshops involving 2-3 UK experts to educate and deconstruct the fear and lack of interface between HIV and non- specialists.


Belgrade, Serbia Saturday 9th June

Talinn, Estonia Saturday 9th December

Peer-to-Peer Project


For 7 years we have supported Senz Positif in Bucharest to provide peer support and education for adolescents from the Romanian Paediatric cohort to develop life skills and maintain adherence. Please help us to continue this programme, highly praised by an independent assessment.


Viral Hepatitis and TB Specific Programmes

Viral Hepatitis in North Africa (MENA)


Continuing our MENA cohesion project this a 2-day meeting (one day on HIV and the other on Hepatitis) will focus on building capacity and interaction between those working in viral hepatitis in the region. As well as didactic sessions, JUSTRI will use its innovative and highly successful multi-national, multi-disciplinary workshop groups to encourage regional networking and education on specific issues for the participating countries. There will be a concurrent nurse training at this meeting.



Non-invasive Liver Assessment Techniques Training

Sofia, Bulgaria TBC

Techniques for the non-invasive evaluation of liver damage have changed markedly over the past few years. This one day training will provide state of the art information and guidance on how best to utilise these tools within clinical practice in the participants’ own settings. During this meeting a formalised film will be produced of Fibro Scan use for distribution.



Bucharest, Romania TBC

There is a large tuberculosis epidemic in Romania in patients with HIV, much of which is drug resistant. JUSTRI has been asked to provide an intensive 2 day course to help educate Romanian & SEE doctors about HIV and tuberculosis as well as to develop working practices to address this epidemic and improve the interface with TB services. A recent WHO review of TB in the country highlighted major concerns over the current provision of treatment and care, especially for