Continuing our MENA cohesion project this 2 day meeting will focus on building capacity and interaction between those working in viral hepatitis in the region. As well as didactic sessions, JUSTRI will use its innovative and highly successful multi-national, multi-disciplinary workshop groups to encourage regional networking and education on specific issues for the participating countries. There will be a concurrent nurse training at this meeting.

“…Thank you very much and I enjoyed to participate at this important meeting. It was an opportunity for me to improve my knowledge and the care of my patients with qualified professionals….”

(Rajaa vie email)


Thank you to everyone who filled in the evaluation forms. Here is the report which includes the average scores and the many comments you made about the meeting. We use this feed back to improve our meetings and to help to get a better understanding of what you would like from us in the future.


 “…It was really a great meeting. I truly enjoyed my participation, as a lab/viology scientist, this was for me an opportunity to approach the clinical aspects of hepatitis with highly qualified professionals…”  



Here is a collection of images taken at the Marrakesh meeting by Brent Nicholls. To view a full size image, click on the photo. Feel free to save the images you appear in & share them on Social Media.

“…Meeting all of you was  a real benefit and a pleseare. Many many thanks for your work and kindness. I hope also seeing you very soon in an other meeting…”



Below is the original programme planned for this meeting.