This guide (currently available is ENGLISH & SERBIAN) is a practical resource for HCPs and unPLHIV to better identify latent or clinical HIV, to increase early HIV testing, to reduce late presentation and thereby avoid unnecessary illness and death. ‘Could this be HIV?’ provides an instant recognition alert, focused on raising awareness of the clinical … Read more

Justri HIV for Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

Justri travels to Belgrade for our HIV for Obstetricians & Gynaecologists meeting on June 3rd at the Square Nine Hotel, Belgrade Serbia. EVALUATION: Thank you to all those who filled in their evaluation forms for this meeting. Your feedback is an essential part of how Justri operates. “Since i am a resident of gynaecology & obstetrics, this meeting … Read more

SKILL EXCHANGE: Meet Colette Smith

Meet Colette Smith from UCL. She is taking part in one of the Justri Skill Exchanges. Justri, as part of its exchange programme, has introduced Colette Smith from UCL London to Cristiana Oprea from Victor Babes Hospital in Bucharest. Colette has come here to analyse data from a study looking at a group of people … Read more

Medical Students Meeting Sarajevo 2016

Addressing the limited teaching around HIV and sexual medicine within the curricula of UK and foreign medical schools, we conduct one-day teaching modules of didactic lectures and Q&A sessions, to improve knowledge and generate an interest in HIV and associated conditions for medical students, whatever career path they may take. On Saturday 12th Justri visited … Read more

NURSETRI: Sofia, Bulgaria 10th-11th December

Nurses remain a vital part of the response to HIV and viral hepatitis but are often left out of educational programmes. These 2-day meetings will bring together nurses for skills building, practical course to improve their ability to care for patients in their varied settings. For language issues, we have found that specific in-country training with … Read more