THE JUSTRI ‘HIV in South East Europe (SEE) and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)’ PROJECT

JUSTRI is a UK based not-for-profit organisation that seeks to bring together doctors,nurses, other health-care professionals, patients and advocates, governmental representatives and those form the pharmaceutical industry involved in HIV, viral hepatitisand allied conditions. We strive to break down barriers and develop linkage within thisfield to the benefit of all concerned in the fight to diagnose, manage, treat and live with these conditions.
Over the past 4 years we have held 3 meetings, in Belgrade, Istanbul and Malta whichexplored subjects of difficulty experienced across the regions and have attempted here to summarise the findings which we hope will be helpful in engendering change.
Many of the recommendations of the first two meetings have been taken forward in the SEE region and at the Malta meeting representatives from MENA had the opportunity tosee how small steps can start the process of improvement and to see how a previously isolated group of countries with marked political and socio-economic differences can build and develop their capacity to deal with HIV in their own settings. We hope that this process can be replicated in some of the newer members of the JUSTRI family.

MENA Viral Hepatitis Meeting: Marrakech, Morocco June 2016

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SEE & MENA V- Athens, Greece, Feb 2014

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SEE & MENA IV- Learning From Each Other, Marrakech 13-15 December 2012

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HIV IN SEE & MENA III - Valetta, Malta 2011

De-stigmatisation through Normalisation  REPORTS (PDF) :  Full Report | Report Summary | Programme | Evaluation Our third meeting brought together individual doctors and other professionals from 7 MENA countries; Algeria, ... Read more

HIV SEE II: Istanbul, Turkey 2009- Working Together For Progress

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HIV in SEE I: Belgrade, Serbia 2007 -Crucial Issues in HIV Diagnosis and Management in SEE

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