A persistent problem across the JUSTRI region is the lack of knowledge, stigma, fear and non- engagement of non-HIV specialists.

We will hold 2 x one-day workshops involving 2-3 UK experts to educate and deconstruct the fear and lack of interface between HIV and non- specialists.

The first was in Belgrade Serbia in June 2017. The second of these meetings is for Obstetricians & Gynaecologists held in Tallinn, Estonia.

“Very clearly given information, an open forum for discussion, questions answered. Thank you for the conference…”

(Tallin Attendee)


Thank you to all the participants that completed their evaluation forms. Your feedback helps us to improve our services and focus on which ones we provide. Click below to download the PDF.


“I would say that all the lectures were good (Mike, Dan, Emily, Thembi). I learnt a lot of new things because you have more experience, more cases, better staff for HIV infected people. I now have better HIV/Hepatitis organisation….”

(Tallinn Attendee)


Here is a selection of images taken at the Justri meeting in Tallinn. Feel free to download and/or share your pictures on your favourite social networks.


“Case (presentations) let us understand that we can meet HIV in very different situations and we should organise the help in a multidisciplinary way….”

(Tallin Attendee)


“The meeting helped me, what we could do better in our country. This conference gave me more acceptance towards HIV positive people…”

(Tallinn Attendee)


This is the original programme for the Tallinn meeting.

18 x colour obstetrics-tallinn-prog-151117-1


“The speakers were very friendly, simple people with huge experience. For us is very good that the meeting was free. The good thing was the groups were relatively small making it better for communicating…”

(Tallinn Attendee)


“One word…excellent! Thank you!”

(Tallinn Attendee)