THE RIGHT TIME- A Guide To Caring For Those With HIV

Nov 22, 2018

Welcome to the first edition of ‘The Right Time, a JUSTRI guide for healthcare professionals caring for people ageing with HIV.

In the past, HIV disease, leading to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome(AIDS) and death, meant that reaching conventional old age seemed unlikely. However, effective antiretroviral therapy (ART), which adequately controls HIV infection, and other medical advances have changed all that.

Increased life expectancy for PAWH (People Ageing With HIV)  is shifting the focus in monitoring, treatment and care to accommodate the overlap between age-related conditions and illness due to HIV,  its complications, and the side-effects and interactions between antiretroviral drugs and other therapeutic agents.

The aim of this guide is to highlight the challenges of caring for PAWH and to provide practical advice for all who treat HIV and those that work in Elderly Medicine. It has been compiled by doctors, nurses and pharmacists from both disciplines with guidance and advice from other specialists and people ageing with HIV. Comprised of two main sections, it provides firstly a guide to HIV for those working in Elderly care medicine and then one for HIV physicians who need help to assess investigate and manage issues of ageing in their HIV patients.

We hope you like this resource and find it helpful in your care of people living and ageing with HIV.

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