Techniques for the non-invasive evaluation of liver damage have changed markedly over the past few years.

This one day training will provide state of the art information and guidance on how best to utilise these tools within clinical practice in the participants’ own settings.

During this meeting a formalised film will be produced of Fibro Scan use for distribution.

VIDEO- English

Filmed at the Minimally Invasive Liver Assessment Techniques Training London, this video gives an explanation of how to use the Fibroscan, as displayed at the meeting. Participants took turns on using the scanner and being the subject of the scan. The training was lead by Sanjay Bhagani.

To download this video right click below, and select ‘save link as’ or ‘save target as’:


VIDEO- Francais



This is the evaluation summary of the meeting as made by the attendees. Feel free to view or download it.