Justri continues its work with Nurses with a meeting in Sarajevo, Bosnia &  Herzegovina.

These popular in-country 2-day meetings bring together nurses for a skills-building practical course in their own language, to improve their ability to care for patients in their varied settings.

“My experience with HIV positive patients is rare. This was very useful….”

(Nursetri Participant)


Thank you to all the participants that completed their evaluation forms. Your feedback helps us to improve our services and focus on which ones we provide. Click below to download the PDF.

NT-SARAJEVO-evaluation summary-220118

“All speakers were outstanding. I liked the fact they complemented each other. All topics were useful…”

(Nursetri Participant)

“My previous knowledge in this area was superficial. This education enriched my knowledge…”

(Nursetri Participant)


Here is a selection of images taken at the Justri meeting in Sarajevo. Feel free to download and/or share your pictures on your favourite social networks.

“All the presentations are excellent. I learned something new and you refreshed my previous knowledge. Thank you…”

(Nursetri Participant)

“This training will be useful in my day to day work because I got new knowledge from the speakers…”

(Nursetri Participant)


Below is the programme for this meeting.



“It was great to have interaction between speakers and attendees…”

(Nursetri Participant)

“Very useful. We need more training like this because at one place we found out many things useful for our work…”

(Nursetri Participant)