JUSTRI took part of HIV Sibiu Dialogues V Hybrid Edition, 26-28 May 2022

Presenting Skills Tool Kit Training on Saturday 28th between 9am-12.30pm. The meeting covered an introduction to HIV research,  Developing A Research Proposal and other essential research & presentation skills.

We had presenters live in the room including Mike Youle & Nadia Ahmed, while Colette Smith & Oana Sandulescu presented via zoom.

There was both a live and online audience.


These were the slides used during the Skills Toolkit Training meeting. Click below on the speakers name and feel free to download and use them for reference.


Justri did not collect individual Evaluations from participants specific to our Skills Toolkit Meeting. However, data shared with us by the HIV Sibiu Dialogues V Hybrid Edition organisers indicated a very optimistic expectation and positive result from the weekend of meetings.

Questions included:

  1. Has the event brought new information? Yes was the overwhelming answer
  2. Will this event change your medical practice?  Many indicated a neutral response while some felt it would change some of their practice.
  3. Was the event successfully organized? It was generally agreed the event was well organised.
  4. How was the quality of the scientific content? A majority indicated the quality was of a high standard
  5. How was the quality of the lecturers? Again a majority indicated a high standard
  6. Was the event location appropriate? A good response to the event location was indicated while some remained neutral.
  7. Did you perceive commercial bias? A majority indicated the meeting remained free of commercial bias


This report contains the original programme, attendees’ evaluation summary of the meeting and a general round-up of the objectives and results of the meeting.


View or download the Skill Toolkit Programme below.


Here is a collection of images taken at the meeting. Feel free to download and share those you are in.