About Justri

JUSTRI (The Training and Resource Initiative)

Twenty-five years of research, development, activism and patient engagement have provided an effective range of therapies and monitoring for HIV and the majority of related conditions. Where once there was little hope for most people living with HIV, today real progress has been made to ensure good, reliable treatment, monitoring and access.

There is now an urgent need to educate the growing number of HIV healthcare providers in the proper use of these treatments and diagnostics. Accurate, reliable and easy-to-understand community information resources are equally important in developing an informed HIV-positive patient community. Obstacles to consistent high quality treatment and monitoring need to be identified and overcome.

The aim of  JUSTRI is to work with allies in the healthcare and patient communities, international agencies and pharmaceutical industry to build successful responses to HIV and related conditions.

JUSTRI initiates and micro-finances projects and trainings; supplies locally relevant resources; and facilitates international innovation in the provision of care for people living with HIV and related conditions.

JUSTRI maintains strong ties with its treatment information partner, HIV i-Base and its work is endorsed by EACS (European AIDS Clinical Society) and EATG (European AIDS Treatment Group).

In late 2010 it formally established itself as JUSTRI, a UK-based, internationally focused, not-for-profit company.


Director: Dr Mike Youle
Business/Strategy Director: Paul Haley
Managing Director: Brent Nicholls

JUSTRISLIDE manager: Linda Orr
Web, Social Media and Administration assistant: Brent Nicholls