There is a large tuberculosis epidemic in Romania in patients with HIV, much of which is drug resistant.

JUSTRI has been asked to provide an intensive course to help educate Romanian doctors about HIV and tuberculosis regarding complications which may arise with HIV and viral hepatitis patients.

Below is both the programme and the evaluations of the meeting by the delegates free to view and/or download.



I was honored to participate at the JUSTRI TB meeting and I would like to thank you for your kind invitation. (Dragos)


These videos were recorded at the TB meeting in Constanta. They are free to view. 

1. Justri TB Training, Constanta: Trends inTB Marc Lipman  

2. Justri Sorin Rugina Q & A  

3. Sorin RuginaTrends in Tb & Tb/HIV in Romania 

4. Domnica Chiotan- Trends in Tb & TB/HIV in Romania 

5. Justri: Lilla Lorinczi on TB Laboratory Diagnosis, from Basic to Advance 

6. Elena Dantes Clinical Presentation of TB & HIV 

7. JUSTRI TB Meeting Constanta: Differential Diagnosis of Tubercolosis in HIV  

8. Constanta: Testing Latent Clinical TB -Santino Capocci 

9. Constanta: VHF (Ebola) – Dr. Ian Cropley 

10: Constanta TB Meningitis in HIV by Luminita Ene

11. Constanta, Non TB Mycobacteriosis by Mark Lipman

 12. Constanta MDR TB issues in HIV patients Romania Dominica

13. Constanta MDR TB issues Bucharest by Simona

13. Constanta Experience National Reference MDR TB Lab


A Collection of images taken at the meeting in Constanta.

Cristiana Oprea, Mike Youle and Voichita Lazureanu TB Training Constanta

Cristiana Oprea, Mike Youle and Voichita Lazureanu TB Training Constanta