There is a large tuberculosis epidemic in Romania in patients with HIV, much of which is drug resistant.

JUSTRI has been asked to provide an intensive 2 day course to help educate Romanian & SEE doctors about HIV and tuberculosis as well as to develop working practices to address this epidemic and improve the interface with TB services.

A recent WHO review of TB in the country highlighted major concerns over the current provision of treatment and care, especially for MDR TB.

“I really like the foreign speakers, very open-minded I also liked Victor Spinu, Dr Mardarescu, Cristina Papa & Mariana Mardarescu. Very interesting idea experience the pneumologist and infectious disease physician perspectives. We need each other’s experience & knowledge.”

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Thank you to everyone who filled out their evaluation forms. Your response helps us to shape future meeting, lets us know what we are doing well and where we might improve. We appreciate all the feedback. See below your evaluation of this meeting.



“I thank the organisers for the occasion to meet ID specialists, pneumologists, laboratory specialists, NGO’s, patients, WHO representatives, other country specialists (England) and share experiences and meet each other. Excellent meeting!”

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“Very Helpful. I treat daily patients with HIV/TB. Medical information, social interaction.”

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A collection of images taken at the Justri TB meeting in Bucharest. If you are in the picture feel free to download and share.

“All roundtables were effective, especially when participants shared their good practices or found practical solutions to different problems. Cooperation was/is fantastic! Thank you!”

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“I feel I’ve changed a little bit my perspective. Don’t have a lot of experience with HIV/TB patients but now I have an idea about the possible management of these patients.”

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“It was a very useful meeting, seeing and facing problems from different angles helped better understanding each other problems…”

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