Below are some pictures from the abandoned babies’ room we refitted in November 2011 at Matei Bals Hospital in Bucharest Romania.

There are currently 21 abandoned babies being cared for at Matei Bals a statistic that is increasing; there are many more, older children in the HIV clinic of both hospitals.

The people who work there are a fantastic, hard working, caring team but there are unfortunately few or no resources for the children’s rooms/ clothing/ nappies/ even basic medical equipment.

Along with decorating the room we have now supplied them with additional medical equipment including weighing scales, and new bottles/sterilization/warmer units.

It was a fantastic experience and there are many other rooms that still desperately need similar attention – ( if you look at the ‘before’ pictures you can see how all the children’s/babies rooms were before we started the project).



Baby Room Before Shot
Before the project



This is how the baby room looks now. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image.

We are now sending toys and baby/children’s clothes to the hospital, as winter is coming on and it gets VERY cold in Romania. So any donations (however small) of clothing/toys/learning tools/nappies towards this ongoing project will be very much appreciated. It might be worth you trying knitting for the first time, baby clothes are easy and quick to make! Or you may want to give a financial donation, no matter how small, will help towards the cost of providing essential items (see donation button below)