Justri continues its work with Nurses with a meeting in Constanta, Romania

These popular in-country 2-day meetings bring together nurses for a skills-building practical course in their own language, to improve their ability to care for patients in their varied settings.

Each speaker had his or her own style and I learned a lot from all of them. I appreciated more the parts of
each presentation, which had actual examples. It was important for me to have a better idea of how the
conversations with the patient sound like in your clinic

Nursetri Attendee



To view or download the original meeting programme click below.


Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting. Here is your evaluation of the meeting. Your feedback is appreciated.


Here is the report on the meeting outlining its goals and summarising the outcomes.

I enjoyed the case studies and I wished we had at least one for each presentation. I liked Louie’s workshop on STIs and the personal experiences he presented.

Nursetri Attendee

I appreciated and admired Jane’s empathetic approach to the HIV+ patient. She reminded me that, despite
the firmness that is sometimes necessary, we should not forget to be understanding, respectful, and create a
long-term partnership with our patients.

Nursetri Attendee


Here is a collection of images taken at the meeting. Feel free to download and share those you are in.