Nurses remain a vital part of the response to HIV and viral hepatitis but are often left out of educational programmes. These 2-day meetings will bring together nurses for skills building, practical course to improve their ability to care for patients in their varied settings. For language issues, we have found that specific in-country training with simultaneous translation reaches the most nurses.

This Nurestri meeting was held in Sofia, Bulgaria with nurses that had expertise with infectious diseases but not specifically HIV & Hepatitis C. We covered a wide range of subjects including the latest treatments, drug interactions, adherence, stigma and better patient interaction.

About 36 nurses attended the two-day meeting.

“All speakers were very experienced & knowledgeable. They have had various cases on their hands and presented quite interesting real-life cases.”

Participant, Nursetri Sofia


Thank you to everyone who filled in their evaluations for this meeting. You can see the aggregate of your scores and comments in this Evaluation Report.



“Very helpful on a number of levels. It will help me in my daily work.”

Participant, Nursetri Sofia

“This training will help to drop barriers in providing care to HIV patients and to reduce stigma.”

Participant, Nursetri Sofia


Below is a collection of pics taken during the meeting. Feel free to download the ones you appear in and share them on social media.

“I work in the E.R. Everything I learned from this seminar will be helpful in my work with HIV, HBV, HCV patients.”

Participant, Nursetri Sofia

“I learned more, I’ll be more confident in my work and not afraid to work with HIV positive patients.”

Participant, Nursetri Sofia


This is the original programme.

Sofia Programme 10.11.16


“I am very happy with the meeting. Great organisation, great team, special thanks to the presenters.”

Participant, Nursetri Sofia