Meet Colette Smith from UCL. She is taking part in one of the Justri Skill Exchanges.

Justri, as part of its exchange programme, has introduced Colette Smith from UCL London to Cristiana Oprea from Victor Babes Hospital in Bucharest. Colette has come here to analyse data from a study looking at a group of people with HIV, and how many of those are coinfected with TB and the patterns and characteristics associated with this coinfection.

Also Colette Smith, as part of the Justri exchanges, met up with Lumi Ene while in Bucharest, a plan hatched during a previous exchange where Lumi was part of the programme in London. They are collating the data collected over 25 years from a group of HIV-infected children referred to as the Cohort, who are now adults, who contracted the disease from a series of blood transfusions at the time. The aim is to collect this data and write a paper based on it on where they are now in Romania with these patients highlighting a history of living with HIV, treatment and coherence in Romania.