There is a paucity of training opportunities for surgeons working with patients with HIV.

JUSTRI provided a short intensive course to help educate Romanian surgeons about HIV and surgical procedures and complications which may arise with HIV and viral hepatitis patients.


The lectures by the team, which includes an experienced colorectal surgeon and a liver transplant surgeon were filmed and can be viewed below

1. Surgery For HIV Infected Patients by Kezdi Iringo

2.  HIV Infected Surgical Patient by James O’Beirne

3. Issues of Viral Hepatitis And Surgery by James O’Beirne

4. Surgery For HIV Infected Individuals – Issues & Algorithmic Management by Olagunju A Ogunbiyi

5. Pregnancy & Gynecology by Alison Wright Part 1

6. Pregnancy & Gynecology by Alison Wright Part 2

7. Universal Precautions & Sugery In HIV Patients in Turkey by Mehmet Gokcu (Izmir, Turkey)

8. National Guidelines For HIV Management In Pregnancy by Lucian Puscasiu

9. HIV Testing In The UK by Mike Youle


All slides from this meeting are available on