THE TOOLKIT TRAINING is designed for junior doctors, nurses and others who may be interested to learn the skills of research and presentation of information.

This training is at the Lecture Hall, University Hospital for Infectious Diseases, “Dr Fran Mihaljevic” Mirogojska 8, Zagreb.

Topics include ‘An Introduction To Research’, Statistics for non-Statisticians & ‘How To Interpret Data’ amongst others.

“Every speaker was very helpful in a different way and regarding different topics and approaches. It was very good to hear HIV specialists, epidemiologist and statisticians.”

(Zagreb Medical Student meeting attendee)


Thank you to all the participants that completed their evaluation forms. Your feedback helps us to improve our services and focus on which ones we provide. Click below to download the PDF.



“Examples were the best part of the presentations, as well as working in pairs.”

(Zagreb Medical Student meeting attendee)

“Liking every workshop. We had time to communicate with each speaker. I like the presentation of the ‘creating abstracts & posters’.”

(Zagreb Medical Student meeting attendee)


Below is a selection of images taken at the meeting in Zagreb. Feel free to download and/or share the images you are in.

“It will be helpful in my scientific work. As I am a junior doctor it was good training for me.”

(Zagreb Medical Student meeting attendee)

“It will help me think critically about studying. It is an invaluable help with presenting & writing.”

(Zagreb Medical Student meeting attendee)




“I think it will greatly improve my presentations skills and my research activity. I think I finish some of my unfinished work and to start something new.”

(Zagreb Medical Student, meeting attendee)