DIARY 2018


JUSTRI Skills Exchange Programme

See report at www.justri.org/skills-exchange

These 5-day exchange visits between UK centres and ones in South East Europe (SEE) and elsewhere,

enable participants to gain skills in HIV, viral hepatitis and TB care and have been extremely successful.

In 2018, we wish to organize exchanges for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory staff and

psychologists and other HIV allied healthcare professionals (HCPs), such as gynaecologists. JUSTRI has

a strong UK team from a range of UK hospitals that will host and visit the external centres to develop

relationships, exchange knowledge & build capacity.

NURSETRI North-South Nurses (NSN) Network

See report at www.justri.org/nursetri/

Nurses are a vital component of the response to HIV, viral hepatitis and TB. We have been asked to help

establish a North-South Nurses Network running from the Baltic States to the Mediterranean to build on

our previous work empowering and educating nurses across this whole region, where they are often

undervalued and poorly utilized. We will hold a meeting to establish and set goals for this network to

improve their ability to care for patients in their varied settings.

Zagreb27th -30th Sept 2018

TOOLKIT Training

These one-day courses provide skills for UK and JUSTRI network junior doctors and nurses in HIV, viral

hepatitis and TB to enhance their research capacity, plan protocols, write abstracts, learn presentation

skills and basic statistics and to develop research proposals.

[2 trainings of 30 junior HCPs to be held in London and Zagreb]

Zagreb 30th June 2018

London Nov/Dec 2018 date TBC

JUSTRI Medical Student Courses

To address the limited teaching about HIV and sexual medicine within the curricula of UK and foreign

medical schools, we conduct one-day teaching modules of didactic lectures and Q&A sessions, to

improve knowledge and generate an interest in HIV and associated conditions for medical students,

whichever career path they may take.

Istanbul 28th April 2018

Targu Mures date TBC


See www.justrislide.com

This free open access library has almost 14,000 slide presentations on HIV, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis

and nursing in several languages and more than 2500 registered global users. We are the official slide

library for EACS, Glasgow HIV and many other meetings. Presentations can be downloaded and used for

learning or to teach.

HIV for the Non-specialist Programme

A persistent problem across the JUSTRI regions is the lack of knowledge, stigma, fear and

nonengagement of non-HIV specialists, such as surgeons or gynaecologists. We will hold one-day

workshops involving 2-3 UK experts to educate about HIV and deconstruct the fear and lack of interface

between HIV and non-HIV specialists.

Dates TBC

The Right Time – How to care for ageing in those with HIV

See www.justri.org/how-to-guides

This fifth guide in our ‘How to’ series will support those who wish to develop and deliver expert, focused

treatment and care services for those who are ageing with HIV. It will be compiled in conjunction with those

delivering care of the elderly services and once the resource is complete we will work with JUSTRI partners to

help them to establish their own HIV and ageing health provision.

Could this be HIV? – an HIV testing awareness resource

See www.justri.org/how-to-guides

This HIV testing resource has been produced and tested in various European settings to raise awareness in

primary care and non-HIV settings to increase testing of those with HIV indicator conditions. It has been

very popular and we wish to translate it into Spanish Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Bulgarian,

Hungarian, Polish, Macedonian Russian, Lithuanian Latvian and Albanian and distribute it to settings where increased testing is required.

HBV Information Booklet for Patients – Translations

A simple factual guide for HBV infected patients is currently being developed by JUSTRI. It will explain

the basics of HBV, the monitoring and treatment and care options, and have a section for them to keep

a record of their own information. We wish to translate the document into French, Spanish, Italian and

Russian and then print and distribute it, thereby extending the utility of the resource.

Fibro Scan Training Roadshows

Non-invasive assessment of liver damage using the Fibro Scan is evolving rapidly across the globe;

training is, therefore, essential to improve patient care. This project will undertake two regional

roadshows in centres across SEE and MENA.

Novi Sad 15th April 2018 other locations TBC

HIV & Viral Hepatitis – the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

See report at www.justri.org/meetings

Continuing our MENA cohesion project this 2-day meeting will focus on building capacity and

interaction between those working in HIV and viral hepatitis in the region. As well as didactic sessions,

there will be multi-national, multi-disciplinary workshop groups to delineate regional issues, encourage

networking and discuss specific issues for the participating countries. There will be a concurrent nurse

training at this meeting.