The medical students’ training events organised by JUSTRI have been well received in the past and it was with great sadness that those planned for 2020 were delayed during the COVID pandemic. However, two have now been completed in 2022, albeit with some difficulties. 

A planned meeting in Skopje in June 2022 had to be changed to a virtual one via zoom after the Justri crew could not make it when the airline cancelled flights and rescheduled them at a time which was not suitable.  This overall worked very well with our onsite colleague Milena delivering her lecture in person. The planned meeting in Tirana in October 2022 went ahead as planned and students from Skopje were bought to attend…effectively combining the two meetings into one. This was the first-time medical students from these adjacent countries had been trained together. (See the Report for full details)

The Medical Students meeting covered a history of HIV, coinfection, ‘sex is messy’, HIV in Albania and the intriguing ‘banana challenge.

I would like to thank you, Mike,  on behalf of the students and residents who attended this great training event. The thanks go to you and Laura, Andrew and Velimir for great talks and very special atmosphere! I met some students today when they came for the ID round, and they were very pleased and excited having attended this meeting. Looking forward to hearing from you about future activities with JUSTRI.

Dr Arjan Harxhi – Host, Tirana



This report contains the original programme, attendees’ evaluation summary of the meeting and a general round-up of the objectives and results of the meeting.


To view or download the original meeting programme click below.


Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting. Here is your evaluation of the meeting. Your feedback is appreciated,


This report contains the original programme, attendees’ evaluation summary of the meeting and a general round-up of the objectives and results of the meeting.

Dear friends and colleagues, evaluations forms from the Medical Students Training in Skopje were evaluated by fourteen of the students and the meeting met all their expectations, Eleven marked 5 as highest evaluation point for all questions and three of them, number 4. As a remark they wrote the need for training for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) training promised which happened in Tirana. Looking forwards for the next event for new students

Dr Milena Stevanovic – host, Skopje


Here is a collection of slides used during the meeting. Click below on the speaker’s name and feel free to download and use them for reference.

The speakers were especially good in maintaining an enthusiastic audience, providing quick thinking presentations.

Medical Student


Here is a collection of images taken mostly by Laura Waters during pre-meeting, from inside the lecture hall, and during coffee/meal breaks. Feel free to download and share those you are in.

It will help us manage HIV and other patients with infectious diseases.

Medical Student


This video titled ‘Two Men and a Banana’  depicts the Justri great banana challenge! What’s the challenge? How to put a condom on the proper way