This JUSTRI guide (English version) has been written for someone diagnosed with active hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection, to help them to live a long and healthy life with this condition.

It provides information about medical and other services, tests and treatments and has been developed using our experience at the Royal Free Hospital, London UK.

Over 250 million people world-wide have HBV infection which if untreated can cause serious liver disease. It represents a significant public health problem in many countries and contributes to 60% of deaths from liver cirrhosis and 75% of cases of liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma [HCC]) globally. A small proportion of people with HBV are also infected with HIV, and liver disease is the single biggest cause of non-AIDS death in these individuals.

Nowadays, hepatitis B infection is easy to treat with drugs given to suppress the virus, which helps to maintain the health of your liver and reduce progression to cirrhosis and liver cancer. However, at present, there is no cure for HBV, so regular monitoring of your condition by using blood tests and scans is a vital part of keeping you well.

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