Addressing the limited teaching around HIV and sexual medicine within the curricula of UK and foreign medical schools, we conduct one-day teaching modules of didactic lectures and Q&A sessions, to improve knowledge and generate an interest in HIV and associated conditions for medical students, whatever career path they may take.

On Saturday 12th Justri visited The Medical Faculty of the University of Sarajevo in Bosnia & Herzegovina and addressed over 50 students.

Speakers included Dr Laura Waters, Dr Mike Youle, Dr Andrew Scourfield, Dr Ed Wilkins and included patient interaction.

Topics included “Sex is Messy”, use of recreational drugs & sex, what is HIV, testing, co-infection and a history of HIV.

“Everything was amazing. Not too long presentations, talking about different things, interactive, different approach for students….”

(Medical Student Comment)



…” It was my first training and I loved it! I have realised what kind of doctor I want to be…”

Medical Student Comment

…” It was really amazing to hear stories from people who were there when the HIV epidemic started…”

Medical Student Comment


Here are a few snapshots taken during the Medical Students meeting in Sarajevo.

“It was really amazing to hear stories from people who were there when the HIV epidemic started, who can describe how scary and deadly the disease was then and how manageable it is now. That comparison was an eye opener…”

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“In Bosnia we have very few cases of HIV, but a lot of Hepatitis. To me, it was (the lectures) very helpful in a sense to always consider a possibility and to read more about HIV related diseases and infections simply in order not to miss it because of ignorance. Also good in a sense of how to be careful with our questions to the patient….”

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