In continuation of the Romania project several volunteers and Justri left for Romania in mid May 2012 to renovate and restore Victor Babes Hospital

We would like to thank the volunteers that include Trudie Dadd, Devon Anton Jones, Tasos Pelekanou, Reno Pelekanou, David Widmer, Gary Wells and Louise Weston who took time out of their own life in order to give to those less fortunate by helping in the painting and renovation of the building.

Gary Wells, the project coordinator said  “Working with the Justri team on this project was so much more than renovating the front of a building. For me personally it represents a commitment that we care and will continue to help in any way that is required It was especially rewarding and vital to have the staff and residents proudly getting involved and helping out and making it a fun experience. I came away thinking there is so much more I can and will do”

The before and after pics below reveal the excellent effort and it goes beyond words our appreciation of this special team helping to bring a little light into the life’s of those less fortunate.





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