THANK YOU to all those that made the Nurstri meeting in Istanbul. The meeting went very well. We will soon have your feed back forms made into a report so you can download and view them.

Below are some images by Anele Waters and a quote from Gockce Ozturk about the meeting.

“…it was an amazing organization which I myself gained a lot regarding HIV. I enjoyed every moment of it. Networking with same minded colleagues was also priceless for me. thanks for all. 

Not only I am looking forward to get the presentations of this meeting, I also would like to participate in the following meetings in an active role as presenter. I would appreciate if you take into consideration. I can also send my CV if you’re interested.

thanks & hope to see you again….”

Gockce Ozturk

Nurses remain a vital part of the response to HIV and viral hepatitis, but are often left out of educational programmes. These 2 day meetings will bring together nurses for a skills building, practical course to improve their ability to care for patients in their varied settings. For language issues we have found that specific in-country training with simultaneous translation reaches the most nurses. We will interface this programme with directed nurse education through the Skills Exchange programme. [40 delegates per course]

This meeting is to be held at: Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia, Kayisdagi Cad. No:1/1 Ataşehir 34750 Istanbul Türkiye   (


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