I’d like to express great gratitude from all the nurses, specifically the Latvian ones, for the last Justri meeting in Tallin, May 2015. It was a very interesting experience, and we got to bring a lot of information back home to Latvia. Both, about work in UK, and about work in Estonia. I’d like to say a big thank you for the wonderfully spent time and the valuable information we’ve received to the entire team of Justri. Continue to share your work experience with others, and we wish you the best of luck! We hope to attend another meeting in the future! (Iveta Magone)

Nurses remain a vital part of the response to HIV and viral hepatitis, but are often left out of educational programmes. These 2 day meetings will bring together nurses for a skills building, practical course to improve their ability to care for patients in their varied settings. For language issues we have found that specific in-country training with simultaneous translation reaches the most nurses. We will interface this programme with directed nurse education through the Skills Exchange programme.

This meeting is to be held at: Tallin, Estonia 22-25th May 2015


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